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Jonathan Cheban is standing up for Kim Kardashian.

By GOING OFF on Naya Rivera.

The 27-year old actress was one of the first to slam Kardashian for showing her bare butt on the cover of Paper Magazine, leaving a message on the reality star’s Instagram page that simply read “you’re someone’s mother…”

And that was before full Kim Kardashian nude pictures were revealed from inside that publication’s winter issue!

Rivera is yet to speak out on the new racy images, but Cheban has plenty to say about Rivera.


“Naya has always been a step BEHIND… And this time she has seriously fallen BEHIND like Daylight Savings Time!” Kim’s close friend wrote on his blog, The Dishh, likely high-fiving himself for such a creative diss.

Cheban continued, referencing the fact that Rivera used Kim’s stylist for her September wedding and, some say, copied Kim’s wedding dress as well.

“After a year-long tour of impersonating Kim, she decided to come out of her shell and make a real statement about Kim‘s Paper cover (which has to be one of the hottest, if not the hottest cover all year),” he wrote.

“As expected, she’s getting some press and when all else fails, use Kim. I’m personally disgusted that after badgering Kim all year and trying to hang out and do business together, she goes and tries to make a statement like this.”

Cheban then addressed Rivera’s actual critique, which calls into question Kardashian’s parenting skills.

“Yes, Kim is a mother, BUT WHO CARES… have you ever heard of a MILF?! The world wants to see her all day like 1010 Wins. Paper is one of the artsiest magazines and has a legendary reputation for being creative and edgy. Who the f*ck is Naya to throw in her meaningless comments??”

In closing, Cheban pretty much labeled Rivera a stalker:

“We all know you want to be Kim, but you don’t got it boo, and the only cover you will be gracing is the Single White Female 2 straight to DVD box set.”

Okay, we must admit: that one is pretty good.