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What is better than a photo of Kim Kardashian nude on Paper magazine's cover? These memes of Kim Kardashian nude on Paper magazine's cover, courtesy of the Internet.

1. Kim Kardashian as a Centaur

Kim Kardashian as a Centaur
Sorry, Kim Kardashian. But you pretty much asked for this with your latest cover pose.

2. All Bruced Up

All Bruced Up
Leave it to the Internet to somehow think Kim Kardashian's rear end looks like two Bruce Willis heads.

3. Kim Kardashian... or a Glazed Donut?

Kim Kardashian... or a Glazed Donut?
Which would you rather eat? (Sorry.)

4. Kanye as Kim

Kanye as Kim
We're sorry to haunt your dreams forever with this image, but it had to be done.

5. Greetings from the Mayor

Greetings from the Mayor
Reads the caption on this unexpected Instagram photo: "@MayorofLondon unveils new style Boris Bike rack coming to the streets of the capital soon."


Note to Kim Kardashian: You may wanna get that checked.

7. Wheeee!!!

We shouldn't give the family any ideas, but a Kim Kardashian-themed slip 'n slide would make millions.

8. Too Many Cooks!

Too Many Cooks!
Too Many Cooks has officially taken over the Internet. In every conceivable way.

9. Pre-Photoshop...

For the record, this is the first time Dane Cook has ever made us laugh.

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