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Striking a slightly more conciliatory tone than last week, Dean McDermott admits in a new interview that he “messed up” cheating on wife Tori Spelling.

No crap, bro.

A couple of days after Dean McDermott LOST IT on haters critical of his behavior online, he tells E! that he is a decent guy who deserves another chance.

Instead of lashing out at those who despise him, Spelling’s unfaithful husband made a public plea for forgiveness in the wake of his cheating scandal.

If you watch True Tori online, you know Dean’s philandering has been a focal point of both seasons. Okay, it’s the entire reason that the show exists.

Emily Goodhand‘s lover says he knows he deserves some backlash, but at the same time, “I would love for the public to see me as just a human being.”

“I’m just trying …. I’m trying to get through this life, I’m trying to do some good and I’m trying to teach my kids right from wrong and just have a good life.”



McDermott insisted that his mistakes won’t define him, even though it looks like they continue to do exactly that with each passing week on Lifetime.

How he conducts himself afterwards, he says, will come to reveal his “true character.” Again, the reality show is not helping anyone move on here.

Dean proceeded to hype True Tori Season 2 Episode 3 and subsequent installments of the series, saying that what he and Tori are doing is groundbreaking.


Watch True Tori Season 2 Episode 3 Online
Watch True Tori Season 2 Episode 3 Online

Adding that “viewers may not be ready for real reality TV,” said he hopes viewers of the show will see his path to redemption through his darkest days.

There were plenty of those, as we saw on the first season of the program and now on the cringe-inducing sophomore season, continuing tonight.

Dean says he is on “good terms” with Tori these days, although that was not always the case after he “messed up” while on a business trip last winter.

Cheating with Emily Goodhand was something that his first wife, Mary Jo Eustace, and Tori’s first husband, Charlie Shanian, could have seen coming.

After all, both Tori and Dean were still married to those individuals, when they met, and starting banging each other the first night that they met.

Once a cheater, always a cheater … or so people say. Dean says he can change and is out to prove to Tori that he can be the man she needs him to be.

“I would like people to take away from all of this that I’m a good guy that messed up that is just trying to put my life back together … our life back together.”

Good luck with that.