Amanda Bynes: I Did NOT Threaten to Kill My Parents!!!

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Earlier today, we learned that Amanda Bynes' parents are moving to Texas and have given up on their bid to obtain legal control over their daughter's finances through a conservatorship.

This development led to rumors that Lynn and Rick Bynes feared for their safety and that Amanda had threatened to kill them.

Though she has not addressed the allegations directly, Bynes tweeted last night about the necessity of confronting false accusations:

"In Parliament if you don't deny a slanderous or untrue statement it means that the accuser is right," she wrote. "So defend yourself against anyone who lies about you!"

Bynes' lawyer has issued a statement saying that Amanda "never made death threats" against her parents, and that all three parties have engaged in "very amicable communications over the last five days."

Earlier this week, Bynes tweeted that she hates her parents, but her lawyer insists she's had a change of heart and is now on much better terms with her entire family.

Last month, Bynes accused her father of sexual assault and went into graphic detail on Twitter about the years of abuse she suffered at his hands.

She later retracted the statement and blamed the allegations on a "microchip" that was implanted in her brain.

Bynes was placed on psychiatric hold recently and was held in a treatment facility for several days following weeks of erratic behavior.

She was released on Friday and is now in the process of arranging a conservatorship for herself with an unidentified caretaker.

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