Amanda Bynes' Parents to Punt Conservatorship, Move to Texas: Are They Giving Up on Her?

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In light of recent events, the parents of Amanda Bynes are giving up their conservatorship over their troubled daughter and leaving the State of California.

What does that mean in terms of their relationship with the star?

In the coming days, they will file court documents handing over the legal conservatorship over their daughter to someone else. It's not yet clear whom.

Then they will be moving to Texas, according to a TMZ report.

After Amanda Bynes was released from a psychiatric hospital last week, the troubled star tried to go before a judge undo the conservatorship but failed.

Still, the writing is clearly on the wall for Rick and Lynn Bynes.

Amanda unleashed an epic Twitter tirade, calling her dad a sexual predator and showing a deep distrust of her parents as well as clear mental instability.

Rick and Lynn feel they can no longer control their daughter.

As such, the conservatorship - which gives the conservator(s) full control over Amanda's financial, legal and medical decisions - is about to be transferred.

A mental health professional who specializes in handling people with severe mental illnesses is likely to take over, in hopes that he or she can help Amanda.

Bynes claims she is bipolar and homeless at the moment.

As for leaving California, her parents will move to Texas to be near their older daughter, effectively throwing in the towel when it comes to Amanda.

They are hoping that when someone else controls her finances and medical care, Amanda will stop lashing out at them and they can have a relationship.

It may take awhile and it will be long distance, but given what we've seen in the past two years, that's what they feel their best course of action is now.

What do you think? Do you agree it's the right move?

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