Top Chef Season 12 Episode 4 Recap: Twelve Chefs Walk Into a Bar, And ...

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Wednesday night's Top Chef Season 12 Episode 4 saw the Boston-based gang go for broke once again, while a pair of famous faces stopped by the set:

Emmy Rossum and George Wendt!

The Quickfire Challenge on Top Chef Season 12 Episode 4 saw the contestants frequent Boston landmark Cheers, the place where sometimes you wanna go.

'Cause everybody knows your name.

Especially if you're Norm, the barstool fixture memorably played by Wendt on the NBC sitcom for many years. Really good guy, but not easy to impress.

If there's anyone who knows his bar snacks, it's this guy. Whose efforts would be up to par and whose would fall short when it came to this tasty task?

Rossum threw the aspiring culinary curators a curve, meanwhile, as the 28-year-old Shameless stunner revealed the unthinkable as a guest judge:

She eats a gluten-free diet.

That required the chefs to make some adjustments, to put it mildly, while Top Chef Masters veteran Michael Schlow also made an appearance. Why?

You'll have to watch Top Chef online and find out what went on this week in all its delicious glory. We promise it won't leave a bad taste in your mouth!

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