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Welcome to Movember, THGers!

As has become an annual tradition, men around the country will test their mustache-growing abilities this month in order to raise awareness of prostate cancer and encourage other members of their gender to get tested early and often for this disease.

It’s an important cause, but it’s a movement the following 11 celebrities scoff at… because, for them, every month is Movember!

Indeed, while plenty of famous males grow out their facial hair every now and then, only a few select stars rock this style on a nearly full-time basis.

That’s because it isn’t easy. Look: Stephen Amell has a ridiculous six-pack, but take a close look at his upper lip and… YEESH. Admirable sentiment. Atrocious look.

So, who is are the masters of the mustache? Click through the photo gallery above for a peek at the 11 most sublimely mustached men in Hollywood.

Or, to be more precise, the 10 most sublimely mustached men in Hollywood after Nick Offerman because… come on. Let’s not pretend as if this is a contest.