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On his Facebook page this week, Stephen Amell is taking up two causes:

  1. Prostate Cancer.
  2. Sex appeal.

Anyone who sits back to watch Arrow online on a weekly basis is well aware of everything Amell does in order to support the latter (i.e. exist), but the star took it up a seductive notch by posting the following photo on his social media page over the weekend:

Stephen Amell for The CW

That’s Amell on the right.

Elsewhere, with the month of November in full swing, Amell is growing his mustache out in honor of Movember, a national movement that brings attention to the issue of prostate cancer.


“Movember USA is a wonderful cause,” he wrote on Facebook. “Raising awareness for men’s health makes a ton of sense. Plus, I can grow a mustache in peace with the viable excuse that in all likelihood I’ll raise a reasonable amount of money and spark conversation about an incredibly important topic.

“So here’s my mission statement: Early detection or completely avoiding prostate cancer is absolutely, positively worth a finger up your butt. Thank you.”

It’s true, men. Don’t be embarrassed.

Amell can usually be relied upon to support an important cause. 

Back in August, he was one of a countless number of celebrities who took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge.