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Can someone explain to Teresa Giudice how a plea deal works? Because we still don’t think she understands.

As you may have heard, Teresa was sentenced to 15 months in jail recently after pleading guilty to fraud back in March.

Giudice says she didn’t understand the plea deal and thought it guaranteed that she wouldn’t have to serve jail time.

Well, it didn’t and under the terms of her deal, she’s not allowed to appeal her sentence. 

Yes, short of going on the run there’s literally nothing Teresa can do avoid going to prison. But that won’t stop her from trying her fool heart out!

“Teresa has been meeting with numerous lawyers since being sentenced to 15 months,” a source tells Radar Online. 

“Several lawyers who have met with Teresa have conveyed to her that under the terms of the plea deal she signed, any appeal would be automatically rejected.”

“Teresa was advised that any lawyer telling her the judge would overturn the prison sentence isn’t being honest with her.”

But the source says she’s still convinced she can find a loophole! That’s right – Teresa sincerely believes that she understands the law better than a judge and a bunch of lawyers.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Of course, Teresa will serve out her sentence in a Virginia prison so cushy it’s been nicknamed “Camp Cupcake,” and she almost certainly won’t end up serving her entire 15 months, but don’t think that’ll stop her from burying her family deeper in debt trying to fight the inevitable!

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