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Teresa Giuidce keeps making the worst decisions possible in the months leading up to her prison sentence, proving once and for all that she has learned absolutely nothing from the experience.

Instead of sucking it up and accepting her fate, Teresa has been trying to get out of her sentence (despite signing a plea deal) and continuing the wild spending habits that landed her in trouble in the first place.

Teresa’s latest obscene expenditure involves her daughter Gia’s girl group, 3KT.

The group is already at the heart of a controversy thanks to its business model of dressing tween girls in inappropriately revealing clothing.

Now, Gia and friends are making headlines again thanks to a pricey video for which Teresa helped foot the bill.

3KT: Circus Video

That’s the teaser for 3KT’s online debut, which is apparently a cover of Britney Spears’ Circus.


While the lyrics certainly apply to the Giudices’ situation ("All eyes on me…just like a circus") Teresa’s decision to drop $10,000 on the video despite being buried in more than $13 million in debt has left many wondering if the volatile Housewife has finally lost her mind.

"Joe is absolutely furious with Teresa for defying him, especially since they really need to be on a strict budget," says a source close to the family. "Teresa didn’t care and spent $10,000 for [the video]."

Well, according to rumors, Joe and Teresa are getting divorced anyway, so why not end the marriage the same way they started it? By being incredibly foolish with their money!