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Joe Giudice is due in court today to be sentenced for possession of a fraudulent driver’s license.

It’s small potatoes compared to the fraud charges that have already gotten Giudice sentenced to 41 months in prison, but even so, one might expect his wife to join him in court.

Instead, sources say Teresa was a no show because she will be meeting with a divorce attorney to begin the process of ending her 14-year marriage to Joe.

Rumors that Joe and Teresa are headed for divorce have been circulating for months, but insiders say that we’ll no longer have to speculate as to the state of the Giudice’s marriage:

Teresa is intent on calling it quits.

Reportedly, the Giudices have been living in separate homes ever since they were both sentenced to serve prison time at a hearing last month.

Teresa is said to be fed up with Joe’s drinking and negligent parenting, and friends say she continues to blame her husband for the fact that she’ll have to report to prison on January 5.

Of course, despite signing a plea deal, Teresa is still trying to get out of her sentence, and further proving that she really doesn’t understand how the law works, she’ll reportedly demand that her divorce lawyer also help her appeal her conviction.

“Teresa really likes [the attorney], and will likely hire to handle the appeal of her looming prison sentence,” says a source. “She is going with her gut instincts on this one.”

That should turn out well. At least she’ll fit right in when she checks into the slammer early next year, as these classic moments over the years prove …

You can also follow the link to watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online to relive the many times Teresa’s gut instincts have let her down in the past.

Emphasis on many.