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Justin Bieber has remained relatively quiet over the past few weeks, as the singer has been traveling throughout Europe for nearly a month.

But Bieber made a loud impression upon returning home to Beverly Hills last night.

Too loud, in fact: neighbors once again called the authorities to complain about all the craziness emanating from Bieber’s residence.

Justin & Hailey at the Met Gala

According to law enforcement sources, via TMZ, cops showed up at Bieber’s condo TWICE last night to deal with the complaints, arriving first at 11 p.m but not even bothering to knock because all seemed peaceful.

They then returned nearly two hours later, spoke to Bieber directly and broke up the shindig.


This is far from the only time that the police have been called in to put an end to Justin Bieber’s rowdy home behavior.

In July, the police department stepped in as Bieber was throwing it down with Johnny Manziel and Floyd Mayweather, among other guests; while a party guest called 911 in December because another attendee had collapsed and passed out.


Fortunately, no one as harmed in this latest incident, unless you count the reputation of Bieber.

We’ve gotta imagine it takes a hit every time his name is connected to law enforcement.