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Stephen Collins has withdrawn from the National Board of the Screen Actors Guild.

The former 7th Heaven star is making headlines for all the (very) wrong reasons today, as a tape has surfaced of Collins talking to his estranged wife and their therapist in 2012.

We’ve featured the recording below and, unless this is not the voice of Stephen Collins, there’s little to be mistaken in it: he seems to admit to THREE different instances of sexual molestation.

Stephen Collins Admits to Child Molestation

The incident referenced most often involves a then-11-year old relative of Collins’ first wife.

In the audio, Collins says he placed the girl’s hand over his penis and that he had a "partial" erection at the time.


The aforementioned 11-year old is now an adult and tells TMZ that she would sometimes stay with the actor and his ex-wife when she was young.

She alleges that Collins would often enter the guest room in nothing but a towel and expose himself to her. She also says he would touch and rub her.

The names of all three victims are being withheld at the moment, as the NYPD confirms an investigation is ongoing into the authenticity of this tape and the admissions seemingly contained within it.

A pair of detectives were dispatched to Los Angeles last Wednesday to interview Faye Grant, Collins’ estrange wife and the woman who made this damning recording.

She was aware of the molestation allegations surrounding her husband at the time the tape was made, as both sides refer to a "list" during their talk with the therapist.

This appears to be a list of young women with whom Collins acted inappropriately.

Under California law, the recording would be permissible in court if Collins is brought up on felony charges.

In that state, it’s legal to secretly record conversations in an effort to gather evidence if a person is believed to have committed a violent felon – and molesting a child under the age of 14 counts as such.

Collins is yet to make a statement in response to these allegations.

His role has already been cut from Ted 2, however, and he also been removed from the Committee for Stress-Free Schools, a project for which he’d been serving as co-director.