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Fans were left with many more questions than answers after Castle Season 7 Episode 2, as Rick headed to Montreal and met back up with the man seemingly behind his abduction.

Except this man claimed Rick chose to somehow have his memory erased, while Kate decided she and her fiance should place their wedding on hold for just a little while, until things returned a bit more to normal. 

Will that happen on Castle Season 7 Episode 3?

It doesn’t exactly appear that way, as the following ABC promo teases a pool shark getting murdered by an unseen force, which leads Castle and Beckett to uncover evidence that the culprit may have paranormal powers. Like, he could be invisible.

Meanwhile, the couple also attempts to get their lives back on track following that whole disappearance thing. So weird, right?

Head over to TV Fanatic to watch Castle online and check out the preview here for "Clear & Present Danger."

Castle Season 7 Episode 3 Promo