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Titled “The Key,” Scandal Season 4 Episode 5 honed in on a number of pressing issues, not the least of which was the team’s investigation of Jake.

Jake stopped returning Olivia’s calls, however, making it hard for her to focus. The Fitz is frustrated that they don’t have a confession from him yet.

Olivia’s dad, meanwhile, offers no clue that he ordered Jake’s disappearance.

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Olivia’s instincts are on point, however, to the surprise of no one.

Jake is under interrogation the Pentagon, and when Fitz arrives to personally confront him and demand a full confession, he insists he did not kill Fitz’s son.

The President’s jealous is the reason he’s there, Jake believes.

Cyrus, meanwhile, tells Olivia about the evidence he has linking Jake to the murder of Fitz’s son, Harrison and Cyrus’ husband. Does it hold water, though?


Olivia then asks her dad for his take, and he tells her that …

He set up Jake to woo Olivia away from Fitz (true), and Jake killed Fitz’s son to make Olivia happy by guaranteeing a Fitz election win (not true).

She doesn’t trust him, but this does get her thinking.

Meanwhile, Olivia’s college friend Catherine is locked up and accused of killing her daughter Caitlin, and Olivia feels Kubiac could be behind all this.

A former cop working security at Catherine’s husband’s law firm, Kubiac roused their suspicions for good reason, as they see him kill Caitlin’s best friend.

Realizing the killer was looking for a mysterious key that Caitlin gave Faith, and that Faith swallowed it, Quinn goes to the morgue and cuts it out of her.

Then there is Huck, who abandoned his wife and child to protect them from B316 assassins. His wife, Kim, does not believe his strange but true stories.

Huck is basically stalking them which only makes matters worse, and he is becoming increasingly unhinged, as you’ll see when you watch Scandal online.

Fitz and Mellie have an INTENSE standoff over his whereabouts and the fact that he is trying to extract information out of Jake. Their truce is officially over.

Attorney General David Rosen is eaten alive by guilt over how his B316 plan transpired and laments that he is trying to be Olivia Pope. Aren’t we all, David?

Abby confronts Olivia for ruining a good man such as David, but realizes that Olivia herself is on the verge of a breakdown, believing Jake may be guilty.

As we fade to black for another week, Mellie steps into the shower, while Fitz brutally attacks Jake, who takes pleasure in reminding him that he’s pleasured Olivia.