Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 5 Recap: Calzona Bends, But Will They Break?

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Calzona (Callie and Arizona to the non card carrying members of Shonda Nation) were the focal point of last night's Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 5.

The duo's marital issues once again proved deep and complex as the two attended counseling together and the floodgates opened, almost like never before.

Do they stand a chance after Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 5?

When you watch Grey’s Anatomy online today, we suggest keeping the Kleenex handy, because the tale of the Callie and Arizona trial separation?

It's as difficult to watch as it sounds for fans of the beloved couple.

Through a montage of therapy appointments, we see Callie and Arizona rehash their relationship for the past five years through both of their perspectives.

Callie feels she is always giving, Arizona is always taking.

What they decide upon is a reset button of sorts, a 30-day trial period in which they will share the same space, and custody of Sophia, but not communicate. At all.

There is work to be done throughout this, of course.

At her new specialty training, Arizona is upstaged by another doctor named Graham, and forced to step up her game in spite of the strife she faces at home.

Callie deals with two patients that test her mettle as well, but Meredith assists on the case and outside of work, taking her out for a fun night at the bar.

A night at Joe’s offers some insight, as the 15 shots of tequila certainly give Callie the courage (or lust) to want to kiss her estranged wife like no other.

Does that mean things are looking up? Not so fast.

When Callie does not come home, Arizona breaks the rules and confronts her, only to see her jealousy shine through when she hears about Meredith.

Through another case, Callie realizes that the masked pain in her own life is disguised as trying to fix her marriage, which she may not truly want.

Finally, on the 30th day of the Calzona trial separation ...

  • Callie's patients recovered. Like them, she had been broken down but put back together again. She still lusts after Arizona, but not marriage.
  • Arizona is struggling as a surgeon and walking a thinner and thinner line with her career, but feels very confident walking back into their union.

Boy is she in for a surprise, and an unpleasant one.

Callie walks out of therapy, and on Arizona.

Think it's for good? Or will they one day reconcile for good and live happily ever after? Share your comments on this devastating episode with us below ...

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