Ray Rice on Halloween Costume Controversy: I'm Praying for the Haters!

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As you've probably heard, NFL running back Ray Rice was cut from the Baltimore Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the league after viciously assaulting his wife, Janay Palmer.

Ray Rice and Janay Palmer Pic

Video of Rice knocking Palmer out in the elevator of an Atlantic City hotel and casino surfaced online back in September, sparking outrage and leading to a national conversation about the link between professional athletes and domestic violence.

The Rice incident quickly became one of the biggest stories of 2014, so naturally - as with most major scandals - it's inspired some truly tasteless Halloween costumes. 

As much as Rice might be deserving of public mockery for his deplorable actions, the costumes generally serve to make light of the incident and cause the victim to become part of the joke. 

Rice and Palmer have yet to comment on the costume controversy publicly but an insider tells TMZ that the couple is taking the high road:

"They're praying for them," a source said when asked about the mostly grown men who have posted photos of themselves in Rice jerseys and blackface, dragging blow up dolls meant to represent Palmer.

The insider adds that Rice and Palmer - who married in March - remain committed to their relationship and have only been brought closer by the scandal.

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