Amanda Bynes Psychiatric Hold Extended By 30 Days, Likely Much Longer

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Actress Amanda Bynes is in rough shape mentally, and as a result, her doctors will keep the 28-year-old under psychiatric hold for another month at least.

They quietly sought and were granted an order from a judge that allows them to extend Bynes' involuntary commitment for 30 days starting today.

It likely won't end after that period, either, which sadly is not a big shock.

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Since she was conned by her parents and Sam Lutfi into returning to L.A., she has been in a psychiatric facility against her will for the last 17 days.

The first 72 hours were followed by a two-week extension of the 5150 hold.

Had an extension not been granted, she would have walked yesterday.

Her psychiatrists claimed she is "very ill" and in no shape to care for herself, and the judge overseeing her situation agreed to the extension Monday.

It's clear why that extension was given. What's not clear is whether Amanda Bynes' parents will go back to court to regain a conservatorship over her.

Reports initially indicated that they would indeed seek a conservatorship again, having allowed the first one to lapse, just before her recent breakdown.

TMZ says they have had a change of heart on the topic, however.

Amanda is pissed at them for betraying her and having her committed, so controlling her - whether they have the legal means or not - would be an uphill battle.

That said, the more likely scenario is that the psychiatric hold will continue to extended for a long time, possibly up to a year of confinement for her.

We just hope she recovers and can move forward with life.

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