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Viewers were treated to a pleasant surprise on Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 4:

Reese and company were forced to deal once again with the Brotherhood, that evil group we met on the premiere. Did anyone else see this coming?

And were others as psyched as we were for the potential of formidable adversaries that continue to haunt our team of heroes over the course of multiple episodes?

Watch Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 4 Online
Watch Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 4 Online

Of course, it was fairly obvious right off the bat that Agent Lennox (portrayed by Rosie Benton) was the DEA mole, making it a bit irritating that Reese somehow didn’t also spot the oncoming swerve from 12 miles away.

But that wasn’t the real twist.


Toward the end of the hour, it was revealed that "Mini" (Winston Duke) was actually Dominic. Whoa!

And that came right after a moment on the series when we believed they show would reveal Elias as the secret leader behind the gang. (Granted, Elias helped Reese take down the Brotherhood’s "whale" house in the season opener, but still. This could have worked.)

The Dominic reveal helped explained why we spent so much of the episode watching Shaw speak to Mini. It was cool overall that Dominic was hiding in plain sight. It akin to Elias back in Season 1.

Heck, it’s sort of akin now to how our heroes must be around Samaritan.

Overall, the return of the Brotherhood was VERY welcome. These folks are smarter and more ambitious than the typical thugs Reese and Shaw deal with. Going forward, Team Machine will have to constantly place themselves at risk of being discovered as the Brotherhood expands.

Root was missed a bit this week, but consider all we were treated to:  Elias and Finch subway meetings… Fusco shooting out bad guys’ legs.. Shaw getting all sweaty and interrogate-y… Bear eating all of Finch’s term papers… and  Reese challenging school girls to hopscotch.

So no complaints here!

You can watch Person of Interest online via TV Fanatic and you can react to the return of the Brotherhood below!