Face Off Season 7 Episode 12 Recap: Whose Disaster is the Most Beautiful?

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On Face Off Season 7 Episode 12, the final five artists were given the difficult task of creating beautiful elemental fairies born from disastrous scenarios.

Is that enough to make your head spin right there?

Probably, but they didn't get to this point in the competition without being able to rise to the occasion, even when situations and circumstances appear impossible.

Face Off Season 7 Episode 12 was no exception.

When it came time for their disaster prep, George picks earthquake, Stella picked wildfire, Dina picked flood, Drew got oil spill and Cig picked avalanche.

These are going to be interesting, both in concept and execution, and some of the aspirants quickly ran into obstacles both predictable and surprising.

The die was cast early for Stella, who worried about her mold while everyone else was almost finished with their looks and getting their models ready.

With just one hour left, Stella has just started painting when most of the other artists are almost finished with their looks. That could come back to bite her.

Cig was very happy with his look, and it showed. The judges seem to really like George’s, Dina’s and Cig’s efforts, while being less than thrilled with the others.

If you want to see the results for yourself and not be spoiled here, follow the link to watch Face Off online. Here's how things shook out at the end of the day:

The top looks were George, Dina and Cig. The winnger: Cig.

The artist going home on on this Face Off episode: Stella.

What do you think of the results? Sound off below!

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