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Might Severide be on the mend?

This question hung over Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 4, as the loss of Leslie Shay led to some seriously heavy drinking by Taylor Kinney’s distant character.

Watch Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 4 Online
Watch Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 4 Online

This week, however, near-death experience of Severide’s own may have been a key turning point for the firefighter.

On board a subway, Kelly witnessed a series of tough scenarios that forced him to try to become a hero, prompting him deal with mortality more than ever before.


They all involved gunmen and shootings and they concluded with a gun being placed to Severide’s head.

Burgess and Sean arrived in time to save their friend, who had to give a statement to homicide before he could leave the scene.

It remains unclear whether Severide is completely out of the down, dark and depressed woods, but he fought on this episode; for others and for himself and that’s a major step for the characte.r

Elsewhere, Dawson struggled while dealing with her first-ever fire, even if she did manage to pull through at the end.

From there, she was treated a celebration, which mostly involved some hazing that she’s going to have to deal with on the job. The only person who may have had it worse throughout all of this is Brett, who had his own difficulties after trying too hard to save a life.

It’s easy for us to say, but you simply can’t save them all, man.

What did everyone else think of Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 4? Is Severide finally on a road to recovery? Do you want to see him get better or have you enjoyed watching his downslide.

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