Mary Jo Eustace: Paid to Appear on True Tori Season 2! Promised Non-Villain Role!

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Mary Jo Eustace, Dean McDermott's former wife, was reportedly paid $10,000 for her appearance on True Tori Season 2, and even that took some persuading.

Not only did it take money, but producers had to promise the original Mrs. McDermott that she won’t be portrayed as any sort of villain, a new report claims.

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Tori and Dean

Insiders say Mary Jo Eustace was first "approached by Dean at Tori’s demand to see if there was any interest in coming on the show," for its second season.

“Producers needed a new storyline, and Mary Jo’s name came up.”

Eustace didn’t agree immediately, but eventually came around:

“At first, Mary Jo said no, but began to talk to Tori. After being offered $10,000, and a promise that she would not be portrayed as the evil ex-spouse, Mary Jo agreed.”

Tori Spelling famously hooked up with McDermott when she was married to another man, and he was married to Mary Jo. The cheating pair eventually left their spouses.

Now married with four kids of their own, their own union was left in tatters last year when Dean allegedly put it to Emily Goodhand while traveling on business.

In a True Tori Season 2 promo clip, the two wives talk about him in an awkwardly scripted conversation that, to their credit, does seem fairly genuine.

Tori tells her, “You can say ‘I told you so.’” Eustace is forgiving and won't even go there, noting, “I don’t hate Dean. I mean he’s a total knob. I know that."

"But he’s your knob now.”

Spelling also has “clear ulterior motives in attempting to befriend Mary Jo on camera,” the insider dishes, knowing it'll give her even more of an upper hand.

“She is hoping that this will make her more sympathetic to viewers. Also, it will make Dean look like a fool for cheating on both of them. It’s dysfunction at its best.”

That pretty much sums up these two knobs to a T.

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