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Even though Lindsay Lohan forgot her lines and got laughed at during her London stage debut, she showed up on time and didn’t fall off the stage in a drunken stupor, so she’s already counting step one of her comeback campaign as a success.

And of course, you can’t have a Hollywood underdog story with a happy ending unless Oprah is somehow involved.

You may have forgotten or blocked it out of your memory, but Lindsay had a reality show on Oprah’s OWN network earlier this year.

Lindsay and Bader Image

It was widely believed to have been canceled, and there were countless tabloid stories about Lindsay pissing Oprah off, as she’s wont to do (showing up late, getting wasted at inopportune times, being Lindsay Lohan).

Even so, as evidenced by the photo above, Lady O stopped by the West End to check out Lindsay’s play and according to LiLo’s latest interview, the dynamic duo of Lohan and Winfrey is ready to start saving the world once again:


“Lindsay will start filming again in January,” said Lohan when asked about her reality series. “But you know, I also like doing work with kids. Oprah is building more schools in Africa, so I think that’s where I’ll be going after the play.

Yes, Lindsay Lohan is going to Africa. Shhh…no one tell her that Ebola isn’t the newest club drug.

Seriously though, if she’s gonna make the world a dumber place with another season of her awful “docu-series,” the least she can do is build some schools to make up for it. 

Hopefully, she doesn’t name them after herself, though. The thought of kids filing into the Lindsay Lohan Academy For Learning and Stuff is way too sad to contemplate.