Juan Pablo Galavis & Nikki Ferrell: Will Distance Doom Their Relationship?

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Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis of The Bachelor and now Couples Therapy fame face an uncertain future, and not because of any sort of cheating or scandal.

No, it's a tried and true relationship-killer that does in many duos every day, and that may soon claim another victim in the controversial reality TV pair:

Long distance.

Juan Pablo Galavis, Nikki Ferrell, Daughter

As we learned last week on Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 4, Nikki is still waiting to be "chosen" by Juan Pablo even though she won The Bachelor.

Meanwhile, the pressures of fatherhood, in addition to whatever his personal attitude toward relationships might, keeps Juan from making any moves.

Quite literally.

Nikki Ferrell broke down on the show, admitting that being closer together - she's in Kansas City, he's in Miami - might be the only way this is going to work.

Given that Juan Pablo is father to a five-year-old daughter, Camila, of whom he shares custody with his baby mama, Carla Rodriguez? He ain't moving.

Juan Pablo defended Nikki Ferrell, denying that she put pressure on him to choose between Camila or her, but many fans feel the writing is on the wall.

If they were really serious about this, and had any real faith that it going to last, beyond just being fun biweekly banging, someone would move.

Heck, they probably would have done so already.

He's the one with the famous commitment issues, but given that Juan Pablo has a kid, it's not unreasonable that Nikki would be the one to take the plunge.

Whatever you think of his track record with women or how he treats them, he seems genuinely like a good father who wants the best for Camila.

You can't ask Camila to move or Juan Pablo to move away from her. You just can't. Nikki's at the point in her life where she could relocate. Not him.

As a pediatric nurse, she could likely find work in South Florida fairly easily if she wanted to up and move. Yet she hasn't done so either. Makes you think.

Who knows. Maybe one of them will actually move, or the long distance thing will work out for awhile longer and a few more reality show appearances.

Our guess, however, is that it won't last. You don't need The Bachelor spoilers to tell you these things usually don't, and these two look to be the rule, not the exception.

If and when they do break up, we just hope it's amicable and doesn't play out like the tongue-lashing he received from Andi Dorfman ... or Clare Crawley:

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