Kylie Jenner Shows Off Weave, Lip Injections in New Instagram Photo

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Is it possible to "keep it real" by admitting that you're not keeping it real? Because if so, that's what Kylie Jenner is doing here.

Kylie Jenner Weave Photo

Kylie posted this pic on Instagram yesterday with a caption reading, "When you can finally put your weave up in a bun."

So she admits to having hair injections, and yet the Kylie Jenner lip injection debate rages on. We don't get it.

We won't re-hash the evidence of Kylie's lip injections here, but suffice it to say, there's basically not a doubt in anyone's mind that the girl's juiced up her soup coolers. 

And that's okay! Sure, Kylie's only 17, but she's a public figure and she's addicted to selfies, so if she wants to alter her appearance a bit and she's got her parents' permission, who are we to judge?

At this point, the only thing that's weird about Kylie's new Jagger mouth is that she won't admit she's had a bit of work done.

Kylie is obsessed with Instagram and her older sister is blowing up as a model, so it's not hard to understand her obsession with her own face. But it is hard to understand why she won't confess to getting a little bit of help from her doc.

Does she feel like that's cheating or something? Because Kylie, no matter how much work you get done, it will always be your last name that made you famous, not your lips.

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