Kylie Jenner Lip Injection Debate Blows Up Bigger Than Ever! (Just Like Her Lips!)

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Perhaps more than any other issue in our time, the Kylie Jenner lip injection debate has divided the populace.

It seems that every time Kylie posts a close-up of her pouty pucker on Instagram (which is a lot), her fans and haters get into an ugly argument in the comments section.

In the case of her latest selfie - posted below - things got ugly within minutes:

Kylie Jenner Lip Injection Photo

"EW. TOO FAR DUDE. YOUR LIPS HAVE CELLULITE," wrote one commenter. "All those lip injections. they're about to explode." said another.

Naturally, Kylie's legion of loyal fans rushed to her defense:

"It's not lip injections," wrote one zealous Kylie-defender. "She overstates them with lip liner. You could do it too!"

For her part, Kylie swears she hasn't had plastic surgery.

Of course, many in Hollywood don't consider lip injections to be plastic surgery, and it's hard to believe that lip liner alone took Kylie from the relatively thin-lipped tween you see below to the bee-stung young woman above:

Kylie Pic

Of course, we're not here to judge. We can only imagine the pressures that come along with going through your awkward stage in front of a nationwide audience.

It just seems strange that someone who enjoys sharing her life with the world as much as Kylie clearly does would keep mum on any topic that's a matter of constant debate amongst her fans.

What do you think? Has Kylie had work done? 

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