Kylie Jenner: Lip Injections or Lip-Liner? Examine the Evidence!

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The recurring rumors about Kylie Jenner lip injections generally come and go, with some people certain she's had work done and others insisting she has not.

But wow, did the Normal-Aging-Plus-Makeup vs. Plastic-Surgery-Slash-Lip-Injection Debate of 2014 blow up bigger than ever this week thanks to her latest selfie.

Kylie Jenner's Instagram account has driven the community, and web at large, to the brink of spontaneous combustion, that's no small achievement.

What is it about one this girl's face in particular that inspires so much intrigue?

Perhaps it's her age (17!) and that she, unlike any of the Kardashians save for Kendall Jenner, has grown up SO quickly and entirely in the public eye.

Perhaps it's the sheer jaw-dropping nature of the transformation she's undergone, plus with the voyeurism she enables via her social media exposure.

In the gallery above, we've compiled the visual evidence. And it's strong.

Visual evidence suggests Kylie Jenner plastic surgery (or lip injections, if you don't think those constitute surgery) with an array of before and after pics.

However, her makeup artist is on record describing how he uses lip liner to exaggerate her lips, and some fans say you can clearly see this in the photos.

Zoom in on the pics, they say, and you'll see this is the case. But will we?

She's also grown up in the public eye, as we said earlier, and with that, a normal teenage metamorphosis is simply being more heavily scrutinized.

Maybe. What do you think? Could it really the work of makeup alone?

VOTE IN OUR SURVEY: Did Kylie Jenner get lip injections?

Kylie's eye-popping pictures aren't limited to her lips, of course.

No, the gallery below proves that she, like Kendall, is a media maven who knows how to get a rise out of people who are disproportionately fascinated by her.

You think these pics are risque? Just wait until she turns 18.

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