Juan Pablo Galavis to Nikki Ferrell: I DON'T Love You! Esss Okay, Maybe Someday!

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The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis and his final rose recipient Nikki Ferrell are on Couples Therapy these days, and their situation hasn't changed much.

In fact, if you watch Couples Therapy online, you'll wonder how the heck these people are even together ... which is what we thought on The Bachelor, too.

If anything, last night's Couples Therapy Season 5 Episode 5 was a true low point, simply because it showed us how little has changed in six months plus.

Every glimpse we get of their relationship makes us less invested in them, and more concerned for Nikki's self-esteem for putting up with this dude somehow.

Not that she's coming across as a real prize either, the way she complaints 24/7 about cameras following her and acts like she doesn't want to be there.

On a VH1 reality show that SHE SIGNED ON FOR.

That card didn't work on The Bachelor, but one could at least buy the notion that behind closed doors, perhaps they were private people who were truly happy.

No longer. It's as bad as we thought, if not worse.

Dating Nikki Ferrell doesn't seem like a lot of fun. However, the way Juan Pablo treats his girlfriend and their relationship defies any and all comprehension.

In a rare moment of honestly and vulnerability, Ferrell broke down on last Thursday's episode, admitting she is still waiting to be chosen, to be picked by him.

She would love to hear that he loves her, basically.

Does he? Asked point blank if he does on Couples Therapy, Juan Pablo tried to beat around that bush like nobody's business, but had to answer eventually:


His way of handling things - namely blaming their communication gap and his own ridiculous behavior on cultural issues - is the biggest cop out of all time.

If you took what he said at face value, he's not going to move in with her and doesn't love her and she just doesn't get it because she's from America.

It's insulting, honestly, and borderline infuriating.

Just break up, already. Move on with your lives and save us any more reality shows. Seriously you two, esss okay. We will survive quite well without you.

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