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Move over, Human Jessica Rabbit! There’s a new fetish model/masochist in town and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to smush her bones and vital organs into the most cartoonish figure the world has ever seen.

Like Mrs. Rabbit and Human Barbie before her, Kelly Lee Dekay says the animated characters and comic books she grew up on inspired her to transform her body via hardcore “waist training.”

Dekay now sports an astonishing 16-inch waist thanks to seven years of gradually tightening a “steel bone” corset. 

Kelly says she plans to continue working toward a figure that more closely resembles that of a female comic book hero, although she admits she’ll never fully achieve her goal, because “their measurements can never possibly be achieved, or they would break.”

Although as much as she enjoys the process of becoming her “own superhero villain,” Dekay admits that her impossibly slender waist has its drawbacks.

“The corset can be restrictive when going up stairs,” said Dekay in a recent interview with the Sun. “And you can’t carry too many heavy things, because you could hurt yourself. I actually did hiking in my corset once and that’s very dangerous.”

So she certainly takes some risks, but compared to the ways that other fetish models have transformed their bodies over the years, Kelly’s modifications are actually pretty tame.

For example, if you’ve never seen photos of Lacey Wildd, we highly recommend you check them out. Some things need to be seen to be believed.