Human Jessica Rabbit: Woman Undergoes Plastic Surgery to Resemble Busty Cartoon Character

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Move over, Human Barbie.

And, sadly, make room for Human Jessica Rabbit.

Penny Brown is a 25-year old woman who has undergone major plastic surgery over the years in order to resemble the Who Framed Roger Rabbit? vixen.

Why bring this cartoon character to life?

"I think she is incredibly sexy and there's a real power and strength to her character,” Brown tells The Daily Mirror. “I’ve always wanted to copy that."

"At five I was already thinking about breast implants."

Penny Brown Picture

That's... abnormal. Even Kylie Jenner would say it's a tad young.

To accomplish this unusual goal, Brown squeezed into a 23-inch corset for up to 23 hours a day and had two breast augmentations.

She took her boobs from a 34H to a 36O cup as a result.

That's... large. Even Kim Kardashian would agree.

A native of Australia, Penny now resides in Okinawa, Japan and is reportedly planning MORE breast enhancement surgery. Yes. More. Why, you ask?

Bcause she doesn’t think her knockers can ever be “big enough.”

Well, you might as well aim high. Fortunately, Brown’s husband is on board with this mass makeover, so really, what's stopping her at this point?

He tells The Mirror that his wife "is as close to Jessica Rabbit as any mere mortal can get," adding: "Her shape is exciting and interesting."

It sure is something, alright! It sure is something.

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