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Get ready: it looks like the legendary Taylor Swift-Katy Perry feud might be heating up again.

It all started last month when Taylor dissed Katy in “Bad Blood,” a song from her forthcoming album, 1989.

From there, things escalated quickly, with rumors that Katy and Rihanna had teamed up against Taylor and were planning to, like, totally not sit with her at lunch, or something.

But while the feud has mainly consisted of petty, passive-aggressive jabs thus far, Taylor is now rumored to be going nuclear by sabotaging plans for Katy’s Super Bowl performance.


Insiders say that Katy has hired famed production designer and tour manager Baz Halpin to plan her halftime spectacular.

Baz had previously designed the stage show for Taylor’s recent Red tour, and Swift has reportedly informed him that if he continues to work with Katy on her Super Bowl performance, then she’ll never hire him again.

“She got word of Baz agreeing to do the show for Katy,” a source tells Radar Online. “Taylor flat out said she will not hire him again for any performance or tour if he goes ahead with his decision.”

“Katy got word of Taylor’s ultimatum and finds it quite amusing.”

So it now it seems Halpin is stuck in the middle and forced to decide between Katy and Taylor. And we thought John Mayer would be the only one to ever find himself in that position.