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Katy Perry was the celebrity guest on ESPN College GameDay Saturday, and rarely will you see a pop singer contribute so much to a college football show.

At one point, she threw a series of corn dogs toward the camera to rile up LSU fans, whose smell she likened to the greasy food product … obviously:

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Wearing a pink and black rug-type sweater-jersey that she may or may not have gotten from the University of Oregon, Perry wasn’t close to done.

The 29-year-old openly hit on handsome Oklahoma quarterback Trevor Knight when asked to pick a winner for the Sooners’ game against TCU.

“Trevor Knight, call me!” Perry shouted, while holding up a custom-made, heart-shaped sign with Knight’s picture on it. He has a girlfriend, sadly.

The Oklahoma football program indoctrinated Katy into the fan club on Twitter, but given that TCU ended up winning, they may want to rescind that …


Perry also asked, “Is this the game with the ‘Cocks in it?” during the picks segment, in reference to the South Carolina Gamecocks (it wasn’t that game).

ESPN’s Lee Corso then proceeded to put on a University of Alabama elephant mask and rub the celebrity with its nose, which was funny albeit surreal.

Katy punctuated her day at the University of Mississippi by trolling Alabama coach Nick Saban on Twitter after Ole Miss won, saying she called it.

With this visual aid for good measure:

She also celebrated with the Ole Miss mascot, because of course. How much does the guy inside that big stuffed bear wish he weren’t inside a big stuffed bear …

All in a (probably very drunken) day’s work.

No matter where she goes, what she wears, who she’s with or what she’s doing, this girl has a way of keeping things lively and unpredictable.

Katy Perry, everyone. Katy Perry.

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