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Her mom is going to jail for over a year.

Her dad is going to jail for over three years.

But Gia Giudice is sticking by the side of Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice.

A couple hours after her controversial parents were sentenced to prison for committing various kinds of financial fraud, the 13-year old took to Twitter on Friday and wrote the following:

Teresa and Louie

“Family forever. Such an amazing support system it’s unreal. The little things matter to me but the big things matter to you.”

A judge decreed late last week that she had to set an example, ordering Teresa Giudice to jail for 15 months.

Earlier that same day, she sentenced Joe Giudice to jail for 41 months.


Despite previous rumblings, it’s pretty clear the Giudices have told their kids about their impending fate, with Teresa starting her prison term on January 5.

During the trial, the couple’s lawyer Miles Feinstein told Judge Esther Salas that Joe Giudice tried to do “everything he could” to exonerate Teresa.

“He wanted his wife to get the best deal she could get,” Feinstein said Thursday. “He is a real man.”

Yup. A real man who wasn’t satisfied being a part of the 1% and who therefore put his family’s future at risk by lying on mortgage and bankruptcy applications.

Teresa and Joe will sit down with Bravo’s Andy Cohen on Monday night to discuss their past mistakes and cloudy future. Because of course they are.