Kaley Cuoco Debuts Hollywood Walk of Fame Star on Instagram!

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Sure, Kaley Cuoco just signed a $90 million contract to star in three more seasons of The Big Bang Theory, but the surest sign you've made it in Hollywood is...well, the surest is becoming fabulously wealthy, but a star on the Walk of Fame is pretty nice, too.

Kaley Cuoco Walk of Fame Photo

Yes, even Kim Kardashian couldn't get a Walk of Fame star, so it's not enough just to be famous. No, you have to be famous and...act on a sitcom or something. 

We kid, it's an honor and as the most beloved star on TV's must popular comedy, Kaley certainly deserves it. Plus it's always a treat to see Ryan Sweeting force-smile his way through yet another event honoring his wife.

Just last week, Kaley was feted at an ASPCA event that paid tribute to work for animal rights' charities. We're sure it was nice to get the award and all, but the highlight of that night had to be Kaley twerking with Nikki Reed.

But while the dump trucks full of cash and philanthropy awards are certainly nice, getting a star on the Walk of Fame is probably something that Kaley has been dreaming about since she was a little girl, and we'd like to offer out sincere congrats.

It's an honor to know that a century from now, drunk tourists will still be urinating on your name!

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