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The first thing you should know about Nikki Reed and Kaley Cuoco is that both women are devoted animal lovers.

The second thing you should know is that they have wicked, ill dance moves, yo.

Think those two facts have nothing to do with each other? Well then check out this video of Kaley and Nikki gettin’ down together at a recent ASPCA benefit:

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Nikki recently adopted a horse with her boyfriend Ian Somerhalder, and she’s been an outspoken vegan for years.

Kaley’s crusades for pit bull rights, raises money to protect seals, and participates in just about every kind of pro-animal endeavor there is along with her husband, Ryan Sweeting.

But clearly the most important thing these two share in common is a love twerking and air-humping.


You can’t learn moves like that overnight. Check out the masterful way that Kaley improvises with the pooper scooper. We’re not even sure what she’s doing, but it looks amazing.

We don’t know if Kaley and Nikki have hung out previously, but based on this clip we’re gonna assume they’re BFFs at this point.

Apparently, Kaley’s spiky new haircut wasn’t the only new revelation of the night. The only reason to watch The Big Bang Theory became besties with that girl from Twilight, and it was magical.

Someone get these two a spin-off where they hang out with pale dudes together!