Jenelle Evans: Contacting Kieffer Delp While Nathan Griffith Was Locked Up!

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Jenelle Evans confessed on the Teen Mom 2 reunion show to contacting ex Kieffer Delp while her baby daddy Nathan Griffith was locked up this spring.

She came clean to Dr. Drew Pinsky about the secret messages she sent.

“I was looking more for a friend to talk to,” Jenelle Evans explained.

“And I just talked to him as a friend,” she insisted, nothing more.

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The mother of five-year-old son Jace (with Andrew Lewis) and three-month-old son Kaiser (with Griffith) insisted she was transparent about this as well.

“I let Nathan see all the messages when he got out,” she said of Griffith's 30-day jail stint for driving with a suspended license. “I was honest with him.”

But her 26-year-old former Marine wasn’t thrilled with the news.

“I was pissed, but I knew yelling and screaming at her wouldn’t work,” Nathan said, explaining why he was so upset but without losing his cool (for a change).

“I don’t really have a problem, I knew she would never leave me or anything. I think she wanted comfort, but was finding it in the wrong outlet, the wrong place.”

Watch them go at it on Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 30:

Case closed, right? Probably, but not necessarily.

There is also talk that Jenelle Evans' conversations with Delp, who knows plenty about being locked up, weren’t quite as innocent as she made it seem.

Evans called Kieffer Delp a racial slur and told him to go kill himself, and claimed at one point that she was only dating Griffith because she was pregnant.

Or at least that was what many felt was her strong implication. “I don’t want to be alone with the baby. Not again, I wanted to do things right this time,” she said.

Recovering heroin addict Evans and Delp, who also struggled with drug abuse, last broke up in 2012 after a terribly tumultuous two-year relationship.

Needless to say, Barbara Evans was not a fan:

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