Hank Baskett Cheating on Kendra With Ava London: Confirmed By Polygraph Test!

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If Kendra Wilkinson is still in denial whatsoever about Hank Baskett cheating on her with Ava London, this new report should end that in a hurry.

While she certainly didn't seem to doubt the unthinkable on Kendra on Top Season 3 Episode 1, she's come to his defense in some recent interviews.

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Not just defending him as in forgiving her man and saying Hank deserves a second chance, but calling out tabloid reports about Ava London's polygraph test.

“There are so many holes in the story, who took this polygraph test? I heard the person isn’t even registered,” she said last week on Access Hollywood.

Well, former Secret Service agent Joseph Paolella of the American Polygraph Association and owner of polygraph firm Dr. Chris Gugas & Associates did. And is.

As recorded in Paolella’s official documents, Baskett’s mistress Ava Sabrina London (real last name redacted) was asked the following questions ...

  1. Have you met Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson’s husband on two occasions at your apartment in Sherman Oaks? (Answer: YES)
  2. Did Hank Baskett masturbate you at your apartment in Sherman Oaks during the first encounter? (Answer: YES)
  3. Did you masturbate Hank Baskett at your apartment in Sherman Oaks during the first encounter? (Answer: YES)
  4. Did Hank Baskett pay you up to $400.00 for the first sexual encounter at your apartment? (Answer: YES)
  5. Did Hank Baskett pay you an additional $2,000.00 on a second visit to your apartment to deny you had ever met him? (Answer: YES)
  6. Did Hank Baskett call you and ask you to deny that you two met? (Answer: YES)
  7. Did Hank Baskett offer to pay you $5,000.00 to not talk publicly about your encounters? (Answer: YES)

Keep in mind that as we previously reported, Hank only admitted cheating on Kendra after Ava London's lie-detector test, which looks pretty strightforward.

The expert's conclusion after his review? Paolella sums it up as such:

“After carefully reviewing the polygraph charts of the subject, it is the opinion of this examiner, there was NO indication of deception during the polygraph examination."

In a recent interview with Extra, Wilkinson said she wouldn’t be divorcing Baskett, claiming she’d be “stupid” to cut ties because he’s “just so amazing.”

That he may be, but to deny this happened is just kidding yourself.

Will the couple make it after Hank's mutual hand job session? How does one react when one learns that one's supposedly straight spouse does this?

You can watch Kendra on Top online to answer Question B ...

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