Kendra Wilkinson: Hank Baskett is Lost, Deserves a Second Chance!

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Kendra Wilkinson hasn't yet forgiven Hank Baskett for cheating on her with a transsexual, but believes her spouse is "lost" and deserves a second chance.

On the eve of tonight's Kendra On Top Season 3 Episode 1, she spoke about her troubled marriage on Thursday with Access Hollywood Live's Billy Bush.

"Life is too short," she said, to kick Hank to the curb just yet.

"And this man who I loved for six years, I believe deserves - and everyone around us - everyone knows this man deserves a second chance if he did make a mistake."

"And right now I'm working that out."

That's a good life philosophy, though most people's mistakes aren't enjoying a mutual hand job session with Ava London, then trying to buy her silence.

Might she still divorce him over it?

Kendra basically admits the Hank Baskett cheating rumors are true, and the nature of his tryst has been particularly hard to wrap her head around.

"I honestly don't have a decision right now," she says. "This has been a lot to handle, and a lot for me to think about, especially after giving birth to a baby."

"[Hank] comes from an amazing place, from an amazing background. He's a perfect guy. He's never done me wrong. He's not like some douchebag."

"He's never treated me wrong."

So basically, the situation is still fluid.

Baskett's bond with son Hank IV, 4, and daughter Alijah, 5 months, is a big reason why Kendra is reluctant to discard her union, no matter what he did.

"Hank [Jr.] only saw one fight since all this happened, and it was the first one. It was when the news hit me and everything," the reality star explained.

"That was probably the worst one he could have seen. I kicked Hank out, and I saw it in little Hank's eyes," she recalled. "I mean, he loves his father."

"At that moment, my son was looking at me like I was the bad guy ... [I made the decision to bring] Hank back, because little Hank would have been mad."

Also in the back of her mind? Guilt.

Kendra also says she isn't above reproach when it comes to their marriage, either, saying Hank was "going through a lot" and she wasn't emotionally present.

"There were real moments where Hank did come to me and try to talk to me about some things. He was struggling for a little bit. He was struggling," she said.

"He was going through a lot of stuff that nobody knows about. And he was trying to talk to me about it, and I would not deal with it," she laments.

"He was very lost" for a while, she adds, and looking back, Kendra admits, "I wish I would have had it in my heart to slow down a little bit and listen."

"He's in a lot of therapy now," she added. "He's trying to figure everything out and figure out a way to explain everything. I don't get it, you know?"

We know, K-Dubs. We know.

As for the rumors that none of this is real or they're only sticking together for the sake of the show (see Kendra on Top clips), she laughs that off.

If anything, "it's actually put a rush on communicating," she said. "If it wasn't for the show, we'd probably be procrastinating and spending a lot of time apart."

You can watch the season premiere tonight on WeTV or watch Kendra On Top online after it airs. Should be interesting, to say the very least.

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