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Viewers were treated to the return of an old friend on Arrow Season 3 Episode 2, as Oliver and company bid farewell to another one.

Laurel was out for blood in the wake of her sister’s murder, desperate for answers about who was behind the shooting.

When a lead landed her at the hospital bedside of someone else apparently targeted by Sara’s killer, Laurel crossed a line or two dozen in order to learn more from the patient.

Watch Arrow Season 3 Episode 2 Online
Watch Arrow Season 3 Episode 2 Online

Oliver and Diggle also worked to discover the truth, with the latter using Lyla’s connections to tap into an A.R.G.U.S. database.

Asked by Felicity how he can come across as so “cold and rational” in a time like this, Oliver said he doesn’t have the luxury of grieving when folks are looking to him to lead.


Felicity, though, is rocked by the death.

"I won’t wait in this cave to die. There is more to life than this," she says at one point.

After giving Sara the closest he can to a proper funeral, Oliver sees what she means and admits to Diggle (who’s back on Team Arrow until Sara’s killer is found): “I don’t want to die down here."


Through a flashback, we see Amanda Waller (via Maseo) task Oliver with taking out Tommy Merlyn because he saw something he shouldn’t have.

Oliver and Maseo work out a compromise instead in which Oliver kidnaps Tommy and  convinces him that 1. Oliver is "rotting at the bottom of the ocean,” and 2. Tommy was the victim of a kidnapping for ransom, thus throwing him off the scent.

Roy shares Thea’s letter from the Arrow Season 2 finale and see, toward the end of the hour, that she’s learning martial arts under the watch of Malcolm.

Ray Palmer buys Tech Village chain, so that Felicity will need to work for him… one way or another.

Laurel can’t bring herself to tell her dad the truth about what happened to Sara.

Sad stuff this week. Emotional stuff. Game-changing stuff? We’ll soon see. Go watch Arrow online to see the team mourn their loss and feast your eyes on the following promo for a look at Arrow Season 3 Episode 3.

It’s time to rescue Thea!

Arrow Season 3 Episode 3 Teaser