Tyler Jacob Moore as Hans on Once Upon a Time: First Look!

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Judging by the colossal ratings for Once Upon a Time's season premiere last night, audiences are being sucked into the world of Disney's Frozen once again.

Ever since it was announced back in spring that the show would feature storylines based on the animated musical smash, fan interest in OUAT has been at an all-time high.

The casting of Georgiana Haig as Queen Elsa in June generated controversy. (Most fans approved, but some had been pushing for Elsa lookalike and Internet celeb Anna Faith Carlson).

But we doubt producers' decision to cast Tyler Jacob Moore's as Hans will provoke will be the subject of much debate.

Tyler Jacob Moore as Hans

Yes, People magazine provided us with our first look at Moore as Hans, and this dude certainly has the right look.

It remains to be seen whether Moore will be able to capture Hans' mix of sleazy charm and barely-contained rage, but we can't imagine another actor looking more perfectly like the Prince of the Southern Isles made flesh and blood.

In addition to the Ice Queen and Hans, the show's casting directors perfectly nailed the Elsa's sister, as well her parents King Agdar and Queen Idun - all of whom look pretty much exactly as they did on the big screen.

Hopefully, the show's writers will be able to rise to the occasion as well. Those Frozen fans can be tough to please.

Watch Once Upon a Time online at TV Fanatic to see the residents of Arendelle come to life.

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