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WARNING: The following footage is extremely NSFW.

That would be: Not Safe to Work and also Not Safe for Wife.

Maroon 5 has dropped its new music video for "Animals" and it features The Voice coach Adam Lavine working in a butcher chop and growing infatuated with his real-life wife, Behati Prinsloo, after meeting her in the store.

Levine gets so darn obsessed with the Victoria’s Secret beauty that he starts to stalk her and eventually gets her alone and from there… well… the get very bloody and very naked and totally have sex.

Levin and Prinsloo leave absolutely nothing to the imagination in this sexually-charged, True Blood-like clip. Check it out now:

Maroon 5 -

At least we now know why Prinsloo and Levine were covered in blood in an unusual Instagram photo from a few weeks ago.

The couple got married in August and may be the best looking couple in all of Hollywood. No offense, Brangelina.

Levine, meanwhile, is back on television on a weekly basis now that The Voice has returned to NBC with new episodes. And that’s very good news for viewers around the nation.