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Taylor Swift has a long, well-documented history of being awesome to her fans.

Even though she never toots her own horn about them, you’ve likely heard about the numerous occasions on which Taylor has visited young cancer patients in various children’s hospitals.

While it really doesn’t really get any cooler than that, Taylor also gets major points for engaging in more low-key gestures of appreciation like handing out burrito money to strangers in Central Park.

It’s tough to top the gift of free Mexican food, but Taylor’s actions earlier this week may have cemented her title as most fan-friendly celeb in the history of ever.

To celebrate the upcoming release of her new album, Taylor handpicked 35 fans from Instagram and Tumblr and invited them over to her crib for a listening party.

Oh, but they did so much more than listen. The lucky fans say that Taylor made them dinner, baked them cookies (of course), took photos with them and then… they danced.


Anyone who’s ever seen Taylor Swift’s dance moves knows what a treat that must have been.

The party-goers even got to meet Taylor’s cat, Meredith, and when they left, she gave them all gift bags.

Of course Taylor Swift is the perfect host and treats her fans like her besties. Is there anything this girl can’t do?

Okay, so dancing might not be her strong suit, but aside from that, she’s pretty darn perfect.