Taylor Swift Gives Fan $90 For Burritos, Continues to Re-Define Awesomeness

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If Taylor Swift is trying to become the most fan-friendly celeb of all time, she's on the right path.

Earlier this week, Taylor sang to a young Leukemia patient in a video that can be difficult to watch through the tears in your eyes.

You might think that would be the peak of Taylor's kindness and generosity, or at least that she'd take the rest of the week off, but you'd be wrong.

Yesterday, in NYC, Taylor bestowed upon a young fan the greatest gift of all...the gift of burritos.

Taylor Swift and Fan

So is Swifty just strolling around Central Park with a steam tray full of beef and tortillas? Well, not quite...but the real story is almost that good:

The photo above shows Taylor with a fan named Alex Garcia. Alex tweeted the photo and explained that Taylor helped her get out of a rowboat, then posed for a photo with her.

Then Alex's friend mentioned that the two of them were headed to Chipotle for lunch. So what does Taylor do? Reaches into her purse and hands them $90! That's enough for 12 freaking burritos!!!

This might be the best thing anyone Swift has ever done.

Sure, Taylor visits cancer patients and seems genuinely devoted to brightening the lives of critically ill children, but c'mon...have you ever tried the carnitas at Chipotle? We rest our case.

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