Spirit Airlines Mocks Naked Celebrity Photo Scandal: Funny or Foul?

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Has Spirit Airlines gone too far?

Or is the company's latest ad campaign just too darn funny?

With more and more lewd pictures of celebrities being released online each day (Jill Scott nude pics have now been verified as legitimate) by a hacker on the photo-sharing site 4chan, Spirit has taken advantage of this scandal with a new advertisement.

It features a nude woman covering up her breasts and it includes the tagline: Our Bare Fare was Hacked!

Spirit Airlines Ad

"We feel naked; you were never supposed to see this Bare Fare!" reads the flyer. "It was meant for a special someone (who isn’t you). Now it’s all over the internet for you to take advantage of as you see fit. Scandalous!

"We thought the cloud was our friend, y’know, because we spend so much time flying with ‘em. But now our private prices are on display! Bad for us; GREAT for you."

The campaign as come under some from those who don't believe this nude photo scandal is something to mock.

Lena Dunham, for instance, believes the hacker is a sex offender and has urged everyone to boycott the illicit images of Jennifer Lawrence nude and Kate Upton without clothes on.

"Spirit isn’t your typical airline," a spokesman for the company says in response to the backlash.

"Our ads are fun and often irreverent. We have a long history of taking major, national news stories and connecting them to our marketing."

This is true, as also evidenced by the Carlos Danger ad that parodied the Anthony Weiner text message controversy.

Of course, no woman had her privacy intimately violated in that controversy. And, perhaps even more importantly, this new ad campaign simply isn't funny.

If you're gonna cross a line, Spirit, you've gotta bring the laughter.

What do YOU think of this Spirit Airlines ad. It is...

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