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For some reason, Lindsay Lohan was invited to the GQ Awards in London earlier this week, where she proceeded to be her usual spoiled diva self and totally alienate everyone involved with organizing the event.

But before attempting to single-handedly ruin the party, Lindsay took her time working the red carpet and making hilarious statements to reporters on hand:

“Being here in London is all about me this time,” Lindsay told the Daily Mail. “Yeah, English guys are cute, but it’s not about the boys. It’s about getting away from Los Angeles and New York and starting fresh.”

Lindsay and Bader Image

“I’m not partying tonight. I’m going home, as I need to be at work tomorrow. This is what it’s all about…I’ve been acting since I was a child.”


Yes, Lindsay’s been acting since she was a child. Unless you count that period between 2004 and 20?? when she was an unemployable trainwreck.

The important thing is, she moved to a new country, cut ties with her sober friends, and now she’s a totally different person. You know it’s only a matter of time before she starts speaking with a British accent.

Case in point: last week we learned that Lindsay prefers dating women, and now she’s apparently back to men.

Maybe she’ll pull a similar 180 with regard to her career and become a competent, committed, in-demand actress. And maybe the Devil will start challenging Hitler to one-on-one games of ice hockey.