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To some, Saint Bernards may look big and scary.

In reality, though, there’s only one thing big and scary about this dog breed: how badly it wants to be loved!

Over the past several weeks, we’ve documented multiple examples of how these canines feel about affection, from one Saint Bernard trying to befriend a kitten to another who cuddles up with a bunch cats on the farm every night.

Now, we’re excited to present footage of Sully the Saint Bernard, who adores his owner SO VERY MUCH that he simply lies on top of this poor man and pretty much takes his master hostage.

In the most precious, well meaning way possible, of course.

Watch at the 0:33 mark especially, when the dog’s owner makes a strong attempt at getting up, only for Sully to put his foot paw down… literally.

Saint Bernard Loves Owner SOOO Much!

It would be worse for Sully’s owner, of course.


He could let his dog roam free inside and take the risk of this happening: