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If you haven’t heard, Kaley Cuoco’s haircut is a big deal. Like, such a big deal that she had to ask Ryan Sweeting’s permission before getting her current Ellen DeGeneres look.

So it stands to reason that Kaley has to undergo a lot of primping throughout the day to put her beloved locks in perfect order. But we never realized just how committed Kaley is to keeping every hair in its place until she posted this photo to Instagram:

Based on the caption it seems that this is a pic of Kaley backstage at The Talk and it seems she really wanted to look her best for her interview.

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook in 2018
(Getty Images)

She didn’t provide any explanation for the scene, so we’re just assuming that this is the sort of personal attention a $90 million contract will get you. Hopefully, that’s the only kind of assistance Kaley receives in the bathroom.


Of course, it’s possible this is a posed photo and Kaley’s idea of a joke (Man, we hope so.) but based on the look on her face, we’re guessing this is a normal part of Mrs. Cuoco-Sweeting’s day.

In other news: Kaley Cuoco takes off her shoes to go to the bathroom. Sup wit dat?