Yankee the St. Bernard Warms These Kittens, Steals Our Hearts

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If you thought Ian Somerhalder and his cat Moke were adorable, wait until you get a look at Yankee the St. Bernard and his cuddly kitten friends.

Yankee the St. Bernard Curls Up With Kittens

Yankee, a 9 year old St. Bernard, lives on an Iowa farm with his feline friends. Each night he curls up with the kittens to keep them warm.

Keegan Vansoelen, the farmer who owns the animals, says that the animals pal around together like this in the summer, too. 

"I think they do it just to be close to another creature," he says.

"They'll sleep like that as long as he lays still and doesn't get up. Most of the time he just lets them lay on him and sleep."

Good boy, Yankee. Good boy, indeed.

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