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By now, you’re probably about Jasmine Tridevil and her third boob.

Since the story first went public yesterday, Jasmine’s bizarre body modification has made her a trending topic online and even landed her some TV interviews.

Jasmine Tridevil Answers

Earlier today, we reported that it’s looking more and more like Tridevil’s story is a hoax, and now it seems we have confirmation that she successfully duped the world.

The website – which investigates rumors and Internet pranks – has uncovered a mountain of evidence that seems to indicate that everything about "Jasmine" was made up by a savvy Internet jokester.

For starters, Ms. Tridevil is most likely Alisha Hessler – a Tampa-area massage therapist who’s personal website describes her as a "provider of Internet hoaxes." And indeed, Alisha has a history of elaborate pranks:


Just last year, Hessler allegedly fooled a number of news sites with a story about forcing her mugger to stand by the side of the road in a dunce cap in exchange for her not pressing charges.

There are plenty of other red flags, as well, such as the fact that there are no third-party photos of "Jasmine" and her "third boob," and several plastic surgeons (such as the one in the clip below) have stated that they doubt a procedure like the one Hessler describes would be medically possible:

Jasmine Tridevil Talks Third Boob

So Jasmine may have been telling the truth about her desire for an MTV series, but she’s probably angling for a Jackass-style prank show, rather than three-boobed docu-drama.

Well, we feel betrayed. As punishment, we think Hessler should be forced to apologize to fellow shameless opportunist Charlo Greene for totally stealing her "weird story of the day that everyone quickly got sick of" thunder.