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If you’re not sitting down, you may want to do so before we break this shocking news:

Rihanna loves weed.

We know it changes everything you thought you knew about the squeaky-clean songbird responsible for such family friendly jams as "S&M" and "Pour It Up," but it’s true. She even posted video evidence online over the weekend:

Rihanna Pot Smoking Video

Yes, while the rest of us were sucking down beers at lame backyard barbecues, RiRi celebrated Labor Day by laboring to roll a bunch of blunts on a yacht, which we’re assuming is pretty challenging.

But while it may have been a holiday weekend, Rihanna certainly doesn’t need a special occasion to get blazed:


She smokes weed watching the World Cup. She smokes so that we’ll #LegalizeIt. Hell, she’s probably figured out a way to smoke in her sleep.

In fact, we’re pretty sure the only reason RiRi and Chris Brown stayed together for as long as they did was because he’s the only dude alive who can keep up with her 10-blunt-a-day habit.

So if you can learn anything from Breezy’s awfulness it’s that not all potheads are peace-loving pacifists. 

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